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Manufacturers of Quality Rolling Steel Doors

Alpine Doors - Overhead Doors - Rolling Doors

Alpine Overhead Doors - Manufacturer of Quality Rolling / Coiling Steel Doors, Shutters, Grilles, Fire Doors, Hurrincane Approved and Fuel Fire Rated Doors.

Alpine Doors - Overhead Doors - Rolling Doors - Manufacturer of Quality Coiling Steel Doors, Shutters, Grilles, Fire Doors, Hurrincane Approved and Fuel Fire Rated Doors.

Insulated Doors Alpine introduces this new slat that provides for a full thermal break between the inside and the outside of the slat. The back is made of hard, weather resistant PVC. The inside provides a full sound barrier for thermal protection.

Sound Resistant Doors Combines full sound and/or thermal insulation. There are few thermo broken slats on the market today do not make up a thermo broken curtain. This is a very important point if your business relies on the thermal performance of your rolling steel door.

Service Doors Alpine service doors are recommended for security against theft, weather, damage and other applications where a space saving low cost closure is required. No matter how large or small the job or how unusual the application, Alpine has a service door that meets your individual specifications.

Economy Doors Doors are available in different materials including galvanized, prime painted, stainless steel, and aluminum. Other types are also available. Alpine Curtains come in contoured interlocking slat designs. Doors can be adapted to specific conditions. Locking can be provided depending on the type of door operation.

Double Doors Alpine Superimposed Doors provide a unique method to have the best of both worlds with only one installation. A double rolling door and rolling grille with dual guides and two coils, one superimposed over the other and fixed on a common bracket. This is especially desirable for dual closures in driveway openings of industrial plants, warehouses and factories.

Fire Doors The Oversize Certificate is authorized for rolling steel doors for the protection of opening in fire walls, vertical shafts, and exterior walls where the area exceeds 120 square ft., or for openings in the above locations when width or height exceeds 12ft. The maximum dimensions for doors for standard fire protection provided with the Oversize Door Certificate are not to exceed 40 ft. in width and 30 ft. in height.

Counter Shutters Alpine Counter Shutters are practical for small opening and are specifically designed for all pass-thru opening such as service counters, window, concession stands and cafeteria counters. The neat and compact curtain of either extruded aluminum, rolled-formed steel or stainless steel slats maintains the aesthetic harmony of any building decor.

Box Spring Doors Alpine Security Economy Doors are designed for easy operation. Trouble free, with minimal maintenace required, Alpine doors have been proven for use on thousands of installations for business and industry.

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