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Glenridge overhead doors and warehouse pallet racking systems Canada

Quality warehouse pallet racking systems and large overhead doors to withstand high wind pressure and wind load in mines, warehouses and aircraft hangars.

Providing quality commercial and industrial products: large overhead doors, warehouse pallet racking systems, overhead door guard

Megadoor is the industry leader in large overhead doors. No other overhead door comes close in reliable operation in dirty conditions such as mines or in extremely cold climates like aircraft hangars in Alaska! These overhead doors can even tolerate high wind pressure and wind loads. We also carry Twinlode warehouse racking systems. Its higher and deeper stacking capability stores more product in less space. Regardless of the products in your warehouse, Twinlode pallet racking systems can improve high volume warehouse operations. And the Roll Up Door Guard is an inexpensive overhead door guard to prevent costly truck-door collisions.

Megadoor is more than just large overhead doors. It offers reliable operation in any situation including building design flexibility to lower both construction and operating costs. For more information on Megadoor overhead doors,

Roll-Up Door Guard This inexpensive roll up door guard puts an end to costly truck-door collisions. The guard rises automatically when the overhead door is fully open. Does not require electricity to operate. For more information on our overhead door guard, Click here.

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