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Hydroswing Doors - Cottonwood, Minnesota

Hydroswing Doors Manufactured by Cottonwood Welding & Manufacturing, Inc.

400 E. 4th N.

P.O. Box 15

Cottonwood, MN 56229

Hydroswing Doors - Aircraft Hangar Doors

AVIATION The Hydroswing Overhead Door will change the way you protect your aviation investment.

The Hydroswing Doors' easy installation and hydraulic design create a high level of performance and reliability, the likes of which the aviation building industry has never seen.

The Hydroswing Door has features like no other overhead door available today.

The Hydroswing Door will operate with minimal maintenance for as long as you own your building and compliment the longevity of its construction. All of which are synonymous with long term customer satisfaction.

Whatever your needs, we will work with you, your architects, contractors, or building supplier to ensure a perfect fit in your building. We can supply weights, engineering data, and windload specifications to make certain that you receive the right door for your application.

Call our sales staff today to find out how the Hydroswing Door can accentuate your aviation investment.

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